"Zeusie", as I always called him

was a pleasure to live

with, he was a big MOMMA'S boy!!!

I always felt

sorry for whoever had to

hold him at ringside for me,

he wanted MOM so much!!!!

"Zeus" was always the

first to greet me every morning

with his bark, saying

"Good Morning". He always new

when I was going

to a dog show and if it wasn't his

turn to go, he would literally cry out.

I lost "Zeus" to bloat within 5

hours he was gone. Treasure the

time you have now with your dogs

because you NEVER know what can happen.

I will miss you DEARLY for there was only one

July 23,1992 - June 13,1998


Our pets are part of the family

a sibling to us all,

They love us unconditionally

even when we fall.

They are by our sides through thick or thin

with everything we do,

Their love for us is defiantly

a love thats always true.

It doesnt matter to our pets

if our moods are out of swing,

Their still right there beside us

with happiness to bring.

They remain faithful and loyal companions

until the very end,

I will love you and miss you my sweet Zeus,

My adoring little friend!

Written by: Theresa A. Niksick

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